Welcome to the Hulce Life

We are Peter and Savannah Hulce. This is a blog about our life. From baking cookies together to how we met and got married in less than a year, this is us.

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Our thanksgiving from Thursday shouldn’t stop because it’s Friday. Thankfulness should be a daily, moment-by-moment attitude. I wanted to take a moment to share what I’m…

Birthday Verses

Intro For the last eight years on my birthday, I’ve looked through the Bible to find my age in verses that are numbered my age. For…

5 Money-Saving Tips

We thought we’d share a few simple ways we’ve found to save money. We understand these aren’t for everyone, but maybe you’d like to try a…

13 Date Ideas

So, it’s date night, but what do you do? And what even is a date? Well, since we live in a world with the internet, let’s…

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