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How to Get Rid of Your Kitchen Junk Drawer

Let’s face it, you probably have a kitchen junk drawer. Most people do. If by chance you don’t, perhaps you have another place in your home that acquires junk.

Before I continue, let’s address the definition of “junk.” According to Google, junk is, “old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value.” While that definition works, to me, something can feel like “junk” when it’s not in its proper place. So if an item isn’t where it belongs, it can become junk.

The kitchen junk drawer may not be filled with literal junk. The items in there may not be useless or necessarily old. Although some of it may be junk. For example, my junk drawer contained tape, glue, wall hangers, a lighter, and door pads. But it also contained keys to who knows where, some random pick thing, a broken laser pointer, and an old pair of glasses.

One day, I realized that I could get rid of this junk drawer by moving its contents to different places. This may sound like spreading junk around, but it’s actually converting those items from junk back into normal, useful items that are in their proper place.

The problem with the junk drawer is that it becomes a catch-all for random items. So I decided to put an end to that. It was a fairly simple two-step process.

Step 1

Put useful items that you will actually use where they belong the best. For instance, I put tape and glue in my tool drawer, and toothpicks went in my clip drawer. For other items, I made my best guess on where was the best place for them. Sometimes this ends up being a trial and error process. Put item 1 in place A, live with it for a while, then if it isn’t a good fit, move it to place B. And so on.

Step 2

Throw away everything else that isn’t useful and won’t actually be used. Half of the items in my junk drawer were “just in case” items that had been there for years that I hadn’t used in years. So I said my goodbyes and haven’t thought about those items since.

What’s the weirdest thing you found buried in your kitchen junk drawer?

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