Don't Worry
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Don’t Worry

One of the biggest things I’m learning about being a mom, is not to worry. This started as soon as we found out we were pregnant. One week after getting a positive test, I started having some concerning symptoms. According to our midwife, my symptoms could be signs of a miscarriage, but she also knew moms who had the same symptoms and the baby was just fine. We wouldn’t know until we had an 8 week ultrasound to find the heartbeat. That meant we had to wait the three weeks leading up to the ultrasound not knowing if our little one was alive or not.

Fear and worry would come over me many times during those few weeks, and I would tell myself, “As soon as we have the ultrasound and they find the heartbeat, then I’ll stop worrying.” But I had to remind myself that worrying wouldn’t change anything, and every time I would start to panic, I would make myself focus on something else and not dwell on what could go wrong. I couldn’t keep fear and worry from coming over me from time to time, but I could control whether or not I would dwell on it and let it affect me.

Thankfully, we got good news, and our baby was fine. And looking back, I’m so glad I didn’t waste those three weeks leading up to the ultrasound in fear and worry over the unknown. What I discovered was that even after finding the heartbeat, I would still have moments of worry, and I’d tell myself, “As soon as I get past this first trimester, I’ll stop worrying.” “As soon as we have the anatomy scan…” “As soon as the baby is born…” “As soon as the baby starts gaining weight…” “As soon as…”

You get the point. I realized there’s no magical moment when everything is perfect and nothing could go wrong. There’s always something that could go wrong, so instead of focusing on that, we need to focus on all that God has blessed us with and live in the moment. And then no matter what happens, we won’t look back and realize we wasted most of our life worrying about what could go wrong.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry

  1. I am the classic worrier! It has been something that I have had in my life for many years. I constantly work on giving it all to God! If I can’t do anything about what I’m worrying about, I am pretty successful in giving it to God! I have come so far from where I started! Thank you, Jesus!

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