What do you cling to?
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What do you cling to?

I’m not a skilled musician by any means, but I know several guitar chords — just enough to play a few songs. This is a song I wrote this week in light of everything going on. I hope it encourages you and makes you ponder the question, “What do you cling to?”

Verse 1

What do you cling to?
In times of uncertainty.

Who do you run to?
When all have run far away.

What do you hope in?
When everything seems hopeless. 

Pre Chorus

Not to man but to the King,
I will look and I will sing.


You’ll be here beside me,
To hold and to help me,
When I can’t find my way through. 

You’ll never leave me,
Nor will You forsake me,
This promise I hold on to.

Your love satisfies me,
Your peace overwhelms me,
Your hope is what I cling to.

Verse 2

I will cling to You my God,
For You will never fail.

I will run into Your arms,
For they are always open.

I will hope in Heaven’s cure,
For all will be made new.


The world’s crashing down,
It feels like I’ll drown.

Wrong looks like right,
It’s a perilous plight.

I trust in Your Truth,
Your Word leads me through.

You died for my soul,
Now I’m never alone.

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