My Prayer
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My Prayer

One year ago today I wrote this prayer.
It’s still just as true in my life.
I hope it encourages you.


Help me be a man of action. 
One who conquers what You’ve set before me.
Not afraid to take a step,
and not too proud to step back.

Help me be a man who loves sacrificially,
and gives generously.
One who cares deeply,
and lives humbly. 

Help me be a man who’s dressed in wisdom.
One who seeks peace above being right.
Showing kindness to all,
and being friends with the unlikely.

Help me be a man of Kingdom vision,
using my energy to make disciples.
May I be about community and unity,
not division and derision.

Help me be a man who leads boldly,
bringing others up, not down.
One who’s dedicated to studying the Truth,
and sharing it too. 

Help me be a man of conviction.
Full of integrity and honor.
May purity guard my heart,
and purpose spur me on.

Help me be a man who loves You,
and loves others.
One who doesn’t seek to gain the world,
but whose greatest pleasure is You. 

Help me be a man moved by the life of Jesus,
His death and resurrection.
One who lives by grace in the freedom of Salvation.
Clinging to the future hope of eternal life.


3 thoughts on “My Prayer

  1. Thank you for bringing tears of motherly pride…what mattered most as I homeschooled you & your brothers & sisters. Love you always!

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