Welcome to the Hulce Life

We are Peter and Savannah Hulce. This is a blog about our life. From baking cookies together to how we met and got married in less than a year, this is us.

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What do you cling to?

I’m not a skilled musician by any means, but I know several guitar chords — just enough to play a few songs. This is a song…

How We Met

Someone I knew also knew Savannah and they wanted us to meet. It seems pretty simple, and that answer may satisfy some, but for those longing…

My Prayer

One year ago today I wrote this prayer. It’s still just as true in my life. I hope it encourages you.

Painting Like A Kid

My wife and I are both people who like being productive and staying busy with meaningful pursuits. Most of the time this is a good thing…

What is Love?

My whole life I thought I knew what it meant to love others. I grew up hearing about love all the time, and I read about…

About Us

In case you didn’t read the intro on our blog homepage, we are Peter and Savannah Hulce. With names out of the way, here’s a brief…

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