Guys, 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Wife Happy
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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Wife Happy

1. Clean the Toilet

If your wife never has to clean the toilets because you just do it proactively, that would be awesome. Most ladies probably think toilets are somewhat gross, even if they won’t admit it. Also, dudes, let’s be real, the messiness of the toilet is probably mostly because of you. So when you notice it’s dirty, just clean it. It takes like 21 seconds.

2. Wipe Your Beard Hairs Off of the Sink

For those who shave, chances are you leave behind a million teeny tiny hairs all over the sink after you shave. So just wipe those up right away. And while you’re at it, tidy up the rest of the bathroom sink area. Your wife may not say anything about it, but she will appreciate it. Plus, you aren’t doing this to hear her praise. You’re doing it because you love her.

3. Do the Dishes

There’s not much that makes my wife happier than kitchen counters and a sink that are free of dirty dishes. It’s a weird phenomenon, but I think she finds me the most attractive when I’m in the kitchen doing the dishes. So I try to do the dishes any chance I get! 😉

4. But Also Don’t Do the Dishes

This might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes you shouldn’t do the dishes. Your wife needs more than your service, she needs your time and presence. She needs you. If you’re always so busy doing the dishes, cleaning the toilet, and wiping up your beard hairs, you might end up depriving your wife of the quality time she desperately needs. You need to be aware of her needs. Know when it’s time to do the dishes, but also know when it’s okay to leave that mountain of a mess right where it is so you can devote all your attention to your wife. So do the dishes for her, but also don’t.

5. Make Her Food

I don’t know about you, but my wife is a much better cook than I am. And I love that! One of the things that makes me happy is to have a home-cooked meal simply appear before my eyes without me deciding or doing anything. That means my wife cooks a lot more than I do. So when I offer to make her breakfast in the morning, she lights up. When we’re sitting on the couch in the evening and I offer to go to the kitchen and get her a snack, she smiles. Especially right now since while she’s pregnant!

What are some simple things you do to make your wife happy? Let me know in the comments below!

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